Friday, 20 February 2015


A few weeks ago, work had a development day out at a working station farm called Boomrock.
Boomrock was named after the sound the waves make when crashing against the rock, cause a loud boom to resonate up the valley.

When we arrived at the Bunker, this was the view that greeted us. The bunker is named after the fact that this location was used by the Home Guard to watch out for Japanese submarines coming through the Tasman Sea and Cook Strait to Wellington. As far as I'm aware no submarines were ever spotted but many a farmer hung out here with their rifles. It is now a clay bird shooting range with eighteen hidden traps among the bush. 

  This was the northward view.
The family who own the station have moved their house onto the cliffs, though cant be seen in this photo, and are able to get spectacular views. Even during a storm I have been told the view is amazing. Later in the afternoon a sailboat even drifted between the mainland and Mana Island with Kapiti looking foreboding in the distance.

While there we were treated to a 4WD excursion to the back of the station, Coming down the track to this view was simply breath-taking. The farm was incredibly dry for late January, traditionally February is the hottest month of the year in Wellington.

At the top of the station the Tasman sea looked so appealing you just wanted to dive in. Though getting to the edge was quite daunting in a vehicle as you would go over small hills and bumps and as you went up there would be nothing but sky to greet you. A lot of trust in our driver was require in believing that he wasn't about to take us over a cliff.

The northern located islands weren't the only ones to come to the party that day. As the day went on and the heat climbed the clouds that surrounded the South Island burnt off to give us a glorious view from d'Urville Island to all the way down the Kaikoura ranges.

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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Chicklet Evolution

A whee while back one of mum's chicken when clucky, since we have two roosters roaming around she decided to put some eggs under her and see what happened. Around 22 days later these two popped out.

Apart from appearance they seem to have very different characteristics, at least as much as two week old chicks can. The black one seems to have clear attitude, as demonstrated above while the yellow one can be a tad daft at times.

Either way Mumma seems to be doing a good job. She wasn't too happy when I put my head into the house to take some photos.