Sunday, 9 March 2014

Chirping Cicada

Over the past two or so months there has been a deafening din of clicking and singing around vast parts of New Zealand, both in the country and the city.

While stalking the fish in my mothers pond I discovered this little creature watching me.

This one appears slightly different. I am unsure if it is a different species, as there a various around or if it has just shed so is brighter.

I find the upside down wings quite fascinating and though they are bright they seem to blend extremely well.

The males click and do so by vibrating the back section of their bodies. Its interesting to watch and amazing how loud something so tiny can be.


  1. Cool closeups of the Cicada.. They are pretty colorful! Thank you so much for linking up with Saturday's Critters..Have a happy day!

  2. Great shots! Beautiful patterns on the wings.