Friday, 21 February 2014

Foggy Wellington

Over the past two days we have been having a very foggy time in Wellington. The hot weather and warm ground temperatures have met with the cooler air over the Cook Strait to create large blankets of fog over the city. Limited wind has prevented it from moving on.

Waking up yesterday the whole of the valley was covered in fog down to the ground, a vast change from the clear blue sky's of the previous few days. Visibility was limited to around 5 meters (16ft) in front of you, which made driving quite fun.

The fog was back again today, though not quite as bad and the airport was able to open, it had been close for most of the previous day and Wednesday night as well.

The central city was just a covered with Parliament buildings looking rather creepy. This shot shows the back of the Parliamentary Library, a building which was completed in 1899 and has survived a number of fires. It still functions as the library today.

The Beehive looked especially frightening, like zombies and ghouls would suddenly appear. This is also a building of parliament, there are three in total, and a particularly iconic one in New Zealand.


  1. Fog adds such a mystical beauty to a landscape. These are delightful photos.

  2. Nice foggy photos. The library is a lovely looking building, and looks good with the fog background.

  3. Something about fog transforms what is around it.