Friday, 14 February 2014

Howling at the moon

The past couple of nights we have been having amazing clear sky's with a big full moon.

I followed the moon as the dusk settled and was amazed by its brightness.

Even though I don't have a huge zoom on my camera I was able to get quite detailed shots.

I could see some of the craters and it was almost as if the man in the moon was staring back.

I do wonder what the neighbours were thinking with my camera flashing so much.

When the clouds finally rolled in it looked very mystical and almost like you could expect flying monkeys at any moment.


  1. Love the pink ring around it in the last shot. Now if that had been me, the neighbours, if we had anz, would have wondered at the wolf howling next door. We often descend to fun like that with the neighbourhood dogs chipping in from far and wide.

  2. Beautiful series of moon shots! It has not been clear here, hopefully tonight we will have clear skies. Happy Valentine's Day and have a great weekend!

  3. Taking night shots is difficult to do. You really did get some good details in your 4th & 5th pictures - impressive!

  4. Beautiful! Happy Valentine's Day:-)